BDSwiss (formerly known as Banc de Swiss) is a very fast growing broker from Germany and its main focus is also on the German speaking countries. Nevertheless they also offer an English trading platform and website and there’s no reason why you should not profit from their superior offer as non-German speaker. BDSwiss Holdings PLC is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (the “CySEC”, license no. 199/13 and registration no. HE 300153).
Like most of the other brokers BDSwiss is one of the younger guns in the industry. This makes their growth and expansion even more incredible. BDSwiss is a broker with a clear focus and with a clear emphasis on their customer. They offer an excellent support through live-chat, Skype, phone and email and there’s no chance you will wait a few hours until your problem is solved.

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Trading Platform

BDSwiss counts on the SpotOption platform and they are not alone. There are lots of other large brokers that trust SpotOption. What we really like about the SpotOption platform is the fact that it’s so easy to navigate and very intuitive. There are over 175 assets to trade with and this is a lot!
You can also switch to “Pro Trader” mode at BDSwiss and this gives you the chance to do technical analysis like a professional. You have plenty of tools and indicators to analyze charts and this will help you making the right decision while trading.
BDSwiss is currently working on a mobile trading platform for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets. It won’t take long until the iPhone App and a web app that works independent of the operating system.

Types of trades

You can trade lots of different options at BDSwiss. Besides the standard high/low options you can also trade with touch options or create your very own options using the so called OptionBuilder.


You can now even trade 60 seconds options at BDSwiss and this gives you the chance to trade lots of options within a short period of time. 60 seconds options are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Besides these very short options, the majority of options expires between 15 and 60 minuts.

Minimum option size

The minimum option size at BDSwiss is just 5 Euro – that’s nothing compared to most other brokers! And that’s perfect for novice traders that want to trade comfortably with little money. Even if they only deposit the minimum of 100 Euro you can buy 20 options in the very worst case with this minimum size. Other brokers like Anyoption enforce you to trade with a much higher minimum size with the same deposit amount.


As already mentioned BDSwiss offers more than 175 assets at the moment. And that is a lot! You can trade with different currencies, stocks, indices and commodities.

Payout in Percent (in the money / OTM)

When options expire in the money (ITM) BDSwiss pays up to 85%. There’s no refund for options that expire out of the money. Generally speaking, BDSwiss is not the very best broker in terms of payout and there are a few other brokers that pay a bit more on average. But this fact can be neglected when you consider their superior customer support, their reputation and their excellent platform.

Minimum Deposit and Withdraw

The minimum deposit is $100 and clearly is below average. That’s why this broker is a great choice for novice traders that don’t want to risk huge sums. That’s especially true when you consider that there’s only a $5 minimum option size.
To deposit and withdraw at BDSwiss you can choose between wire, credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) and Skrill (Moneybookers.

Customer Support at BDSwiss

The customer support is something unique at BDSwiss and this is their main strength. Customer support is quick, friendly, almost always accessible and solves problems quickly. You can reach customer support through email, live-chat, Skype and phone. I think there are no more options possible.


Our conclusion is quite clear: BDSwiss is one of the fastest growing brokers and there are good reasons for this growth. They focus completely on their traders and offer a superior customer support. It’s also perfect for novice traders with their low minimum deposit amount and minimum option size of only $100 and $5 respectively. Their SpotOption platform offers plenty of trading opportunities such as 60 seconds options, OptionBuilder and their ProTrader to analyze and trade like a professional.

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(Your capital is at risk)


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