How to fail trading binary options

Since the boom in popularity in binary options occurring over the past 5 years, there have been some commentators questioning whether it should be considered as a scam. Given that early reviews of the first binary options brokers were not very flattering, traders may have been correct to have initially been wary of trading binary options. Fortunately, binary options trading has come a long way since then and now finds itself as one of the most popular trading methods for ...

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Lowering risk binary options trading

Many professional traders will agree that the ability to minimise the risk exposure of each trade is central to long term success. Whilst it may be easier for institutional traders to say this when commanding large accounts and implementing a company risk-policy, how can this be put in to practice by binary options traders?
Binary options trading is a fairly new method of investment available to retail traders, relative to stock and forex trading, which became increasingly accessible with the ...

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The Different Risk Settings of Trades

As trading in the binary option market becomes more popular, traders have developed numerous different investment strategies and methods for profiting in this entity. However, even with proven gains to be made, there are some who still feel that binary options trading is a gamble.

Some of the “gamblers” may even be the traders themselves, often simply throwing their investment funds into trades without any type of analysis prior to ...

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How to Treat Losses When Trading with Binary Options

Although traders can gain a great deal of profit from trading binary options, the reality is that there is still risk involved – regardless of one’s experience – and with this risk comes the chance for financial losses. Yet, rather than just tally up the loss and move on, there are some alternatives that may make losing funds into a more positive experience.

How Binary Option Losses are Calculated

In many ways, ...

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Is Trading With Binary Options a Game of Luck?

The trading of binary options can offer investors the opportunity for high profit percentages on the trades that are successful. While many may feel that trading in the options market is just a game of luck, there are numerous ways that traders can help in reducing their exposure to risk, ultimately leading them towards a better chance at profit.
Just as with any other type of investment, trading in ...

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What Risks Are There When Trading With Binary Options?

While there are ways to reduce the risk that is taken on by most financial traders, the truth is that all investments come with at least some form of risk – and this includes trading in binary options. Therefore, investors in this arena are well advised to carefully research the types of risk that can be involved, and only then to proceed in ways that will ensure ...

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