We are living at a time when we are so dependent and reliant on technology that our mobile phones are not only as gadgets, or as a device designed for a particular activity, but rather as multi-purpose device that is a necessity. In the past they were used solely for making calls and later text messages these days it would hard to even name all of the things that we use our phones for. What we like to talk about here is a way of earning money on your mobile phone – mobile trading with binary options.

Bearing in mind the increasing popularity of binary options and and the rapid development in mobile phone technology, particularly when it comes to smartphones, it is hardly surprising to see why mobile trading with binary options is gaining popularity and there are thousands of people each day that conduct trades and earn money using binary options via their mobile phones. All major binary trading sites have the option of mobile trading, where it doesn’t even matter whether you have an iOS or an Android based device, since, again, all major binary trading sites support both.

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Desktop/laptop vs. mobile binary trading

Generally speaking, there’s hardly any difference between binary options trading on your mobile phone compared to binary options trading on your desktop or laptop. So, if you are familiar with binary options, you won’t need any further introduction to mobile trading with binary options. Assets, stocks, indices, currency pairs; ‘call’, ‘put’, it’s all the same. In fact, many people got interested in binary options when the mobile trading option became available. It’s hardly surprising that most major binary options websites aim to improve their mobile trading and allow their customers to trade and earn money anywhere, anytime.

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How to use binary trade options on your mobile

There are two ways for you to trade binary options from your mobile phone and both are quite simple and straightforward. The first is to download the appropriate mobile app, the Apple app if you have an iPhone, or the Android, if you have an Android operated phone and start trading once you have it on your phone. The other options, if you don’t feel like downloading, or the website simply doesn’t have a download option is to access the website of the binary options company of your liking and start trading as you would if you were using your desktop computer or your laptop. Some people prefer the download app, claiming that is designed specifically for that purpose, others claim that the ‘no download’ version works well too.


No limitations, every option is available

A common concern among people who are already familiar with binary options and like to start trading using a mobile trading app, or access the websites from their phones is whether they would have all the available options or not. In short the answer is- yes. There are no limitations whatsoever and you can do everything you did on your desktop/laptop computer. There aren’t any platforms which are not available to you when you are using your mobile phone, nor there are any assets which are blocked and which you can’t trade.

One thing that every potential trader should now is that your account would be fully centralised and there would be no difference whether you’re on your phone or on your computer. For example, you can log in from your computer at 8 am, make a couple of trades with an expiry at, say, 3pm. Then if you are no longer home at 3 pm, you can check the results and whether you earned or lost your money from your mobile and then make additional trades and later check those trades again from home, on your computer.


To sum up, mobile trading with binary options is a thing of the future. It is safe, it is simple, and it is convenient. If you like binary options and you’ve made some money trading, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make trades via your phones. Also, if you have looked into binary options and you think they might be the right thing for you, but you can only trade from your phone, as you are constantly away from your home, or for whatever other reason you don’t have an access to a desktop/laptop, do not hesitate and try trading.