On McBinary.com you can learn everything about Binary Options! Binary Options are one of the most innovative financial products and are suitable for everyone. Trading is so easy because you only have a few possible choices: you can bet that the price of an underlying asset will move up or down in a very short timeframe. With this kind of betting, you can achieve returns of up to 90%! Therefore, Binary Options offer high potential returns in a very short time - even 60 second trades are available. So many opportunities to achieve high yields have never existed before!

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Binary Options Broker Comparison

On McBinary.com we have made it our mission to present you the best brokers in great detail and to compare them. You should not sign up with the next best broker, but compare them and chose the one that suits you best. Even though the market is cluttered and every week new brokers are entering the business, it is important not to choose a broker at random or out of sympathy. There really exist brokers that are much worse than others in terms of payouts. Such brokers must offer quite a lot in order to compensate for this disadvantage. Because at the end of the day the only thing that matters is the return on your investment (ROI), and that is greatly affected by the payout structure. So don’t make it harder for you to earn money and choose a broker that offers you a high payout percentage. Of course this is not the only criterion. A broker with high payout percentage that has a bad customer service, a hard-to-use trading platform or high hurdles for cashing your winnings out is also a bad choice.

Trading of Binary Options

Once you have found the right broker there is one only one thing that matters: your profit. It’s true that online trading is also fun and offers plenty of thrills. But every trader wants to achieve a profit. On McBinary.com you will find everything you need to become a professional trader. If you are still a beginner, we show you how to make the first steps, how to make your first trades, what types of different options you can choose from, where the advantages of binary options are, etc. For advanced traders, we discuss in our strategy articles what the differences between Forex, equities, indices and commodity trading are. These four asset classes are those that can usually be traded at a Binary Options broker. Be aware that there are some fundamental differences between these asset classes. On McBinary.com, you can also find articles about risk management and the basics of fundamental and technical analysis.