How fundamentals affect binary options trading

Fundamental traders look at the underlying drivers in markets in order to make long and short-term decisions on the direction of a financial market. This may sound like a fairly simple way to describe fundamentals, but what exactly are they and why are some events so connected to the markets? The truth is that they are far more influential than any other form of analysis and those who can analyse fundamentals correctly will benefit from taking binary options trades in ...

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Using technical analysis for success in binary options trading

Technical analysis is used by the majority of professional traders to spot profitable opportunities for trades before they occur. The idea is based on the interpretation of specific chart patterns, those shapes and movements created by fluctuations in the price of an asset, which tell traders when a future price movement is likely. Many of the patterns and setups used by traders are considered as highly reliable with the cyclical nature of finance markets allowing these to be back tested ...

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How to fail trading binary options

Since the boom in popularity in binary options occurring over the past 5 years, there have been some commentators questioning whether it should be considered as a scam. Given that early reviews of the first binary options brokers were not very flattering, traders may have been correct to have initially been wary of trading binary options. Fortunately, binary options trading has come a long way since then and now finds itself as one of the most popular trading methods for ...

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Lowering risk binary options trading

Many professional traders will agree that the ability to minimise the risk exposure of each trade is central to long term success. Whilst it may be easier for institutional traders to say this when commanding large accounts and implementing a company risk-policy, how can this be put in to practice by binary options traders?
Binary options trading is a fairly new method of investment available to retail traders, relative to stock and forex trading, which became increasingly accessible with the ...

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Sixty second binary options trading strategies


Sixty second binary options trading offers one of the most profitable forms of trading available. Traditional forex and stock traders acknowledge that the possibility of making up to a typical 85% profit on an investment in just one minute is often simply not possible outside of binary options trading. This has also been a major contributor to the popularity of binary options trading and one of the main reasons why so many professional traders now consider trading binary options over ...

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Using fundamental analysis in longer-term binary options trading

Fundamental analysis is a technique for binary options traders which focuses on the basic economic influences which underlie all financial markets. These influences include government policy, monetary policy of central banks, employment, political instability and natural events. They are the major trend-setters as all of these fundamental drivers have the power to influence the sentiment of investors and traders. This sentiment creates long term trends in supply and demand for stocks, currencies and commodities and are therefore highly influential for ...

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Trading binary options in flat and volatile markets

As a binary options trader, you have at least two very significant advantages over other forms of trading. The first of these advantages has arrived as a direct result of the popularity of binary options trading becoming one of the fastest and most popular forms of price speculation available. A perfect combination of the sheer simplicity and entirely web-based trading platforms, not to mention the very large profits available, has attracted millions of new and experienced traders to use binary ...

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Strategies for maximising binary options profits

Choose a market where you can excel

Binary options markets offer a vast number of underlying assets which can be overwhelming for new traders looking to try to make some of the vast profits available in binary options trading. To prevent new traders simply gambling on any options it is important to understand that binary options trading platforms basically incorporate all types trading asset in one place. This means that currencies, stocks and commodities are all available on the same interface, ...

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The Different Risk Settings of Trades

As trading in the binary option market becomes more popular, traders have developed numerous different investment strategies and methods for profiting in this entity. However, even with proven gains to be made, there are some who still feel that binary options trading is a gamble.

Some of the “gamblers” may even be the traders themselves, often simply throwing their investment funds into ...

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Do Chart Techniques Really Work?

When trading binary options, oftentimes traders will use different types of analyses in order to help them determine important factors such as the potential future price movements of the underlying asset, as well as the ideal expiry time for a particular trade. In doing so, traders can then make a more accurate assessment of which way the underlying asset ...

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